FastMeasure Quad

Measure four lines at once with FastMeasure Quad.

FastMeasure distance measuring quad
measures quickly and accurately.

If you need to measure multiple lines at once, such as a left-yellow line, center line, do not pass zone and a right-white line, this is the perfect measuring device for you.

Each meter is controlled by the key fob size remote control to hold the count in areas where measuring is not needed, allowing you to watch the road while driving.

If you are estimating or figuring quantities for accounting or billing, this is the device for you. Everything is included in the kit for installation: meters, sensor, remote control unit, easy to read instruction and all electrical components.

This remarkable timesaving device is just $995.00.

FastMeasure Our tools save you time and make you more productive. We're making time in the future!

Measure Distances FAST!

FastMeasure offers a new product: the FastMeasure Quad - Measure four lines at once while driving at highway speeds.

Our Fastmeasure Quad is tailored for road construction, telecommunications, utility, and cable distance measurement.

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